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Beck Automation Launches Fully Automatic, Highly Flexible Handle Automation System for Industrial Plastic Pails 


Beck Automation Launches Fully Automatic, Highly Flexible Handle Automation System for Industrial Plastic Pails  

OBERENGSTRINGEN, Switzerland, March 28, 2023 – Beck Automation AG, a leading Swiss in-mold labeling (IML) and automation specialist, has announced the launch of the Beck Bailer, a highly flexible system which enables the fully automatic assembly of metal handles for industrial plastic pails with a diameter of 175mm to 380mm. The unit is a self-operating system that can be used autonomously thanks to its own control system.

With a cycle time of 3.5-sec per pail, the system enables the quick assembly of metal handles on different bucket sizes. “The Beck Bailer sets a new industry standard by offering a highly flexible system that can run different size and shape pails with different types of handle designs,” said Taras Konowal, vice president of sales and marketing for Beck Automation-North America.

The buckets are fed individually to the Bailer via a conveyor belt. They are then precisely positioned and aligned with the bracket hole. Optionally, the alignment can also take place on an additional feature. Via a magazine, the unshaped metal handles can be fed individually, automatically separated and provided with a handle roll. The grip rolls can be fed into the system as bulk material via a spiral conveyor. After the grip roll has been pushed on, the nubs are formed on the metal rod ends and the ends are bent off at 90 degrees.

Subsequently, a forming plate and forming rollers bring the metal rod into the desired handle shape. The shaping rollers can be moved and positioned as required via two servo axes, and the end position can be changed via the HMI while the system is running if necessary. All the individual steps for shaping the handle are carried out sequentially at separate stations.

The Beck Bailer can handle a wide range of bucket shapes from round, rectangular, square, to oval. It is possible to fit buckets with a diameter of 175mm to 380mm and a height of 100mm to 450mm with a metal handle and therefore cover bucket sizes ranging from 2L to 40L.

The wear items on the Bailer are low cost and easy and quick to change out. There are no hydraulics on the Beck Bailer unlike competitive systems which use hydraulics for the forming and assembly of handles. The use of hydraulics is a maintenance issue which can result in leaks and scrapped pails.

The conveyor is at a fixed height so there is no need for adjustment for different height pails compared to competitive systems which need to be adjusted for different pail heights. Wire bending movements are servo driven and adjustable via HMI. The entire system is on casters and can be moved and positioned quickly and easily.

The Beck Bailer is commercially available and systems have been sold in Holland, Germany, and the U.S.

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About Beck Automation AG 

Beck Automation, based in Oberengstringen (near Zurich/Switzerland), is a global supplier of automation solutions for the injection molding industry. The company is a specialist in in-mold labelling (IML), fast-removal robots, and automation devices for a range of injection molding applications. The company focuses on decorating and labeling lids, cups, trays, and buckets for various industries in the food and non-food sectors.

The company, now in its third generation of family ownership, has built and maintained long-term relationships with market partners through a future-oriented corporate policy based on continuous advancement. Beck was founded in 1934 and has more than 1000 machines in the field, a testament to the company’s global presence. For more information, visit



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