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The Members-Only Video Academy features FULL LENGTH video education and information. Short excerpts from these videos may be available in the public portion of the IMDA website, but only members can access the full content. Webinars and videos will continue to be added throughout 2022.

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Employee Retention Credit

Join Rob Kane from IMDA Partner Wipfli as he discusses changes in the qualifications for the Employee Retention Credit in this 20-minute webinar. 

Expansions and revisions to the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) over the last 12 months have resulted in additional opportunities to claim the employee retention credit. If businesses have 500 full-time employees or fewer and have experienced a quarterly revenue decline of 20% or greater in 2020 or 2021, both as compared to the same quarter in 2019, the business may qualify for substantial ERC benefits. 

Automation & Robotics for IMD/IML

Three automation experts shared their knowledge of in-mold automation solutions during the 2021 IMDA Symposium. From increasing production speeds to adding repeatability and accuracy, automation and robotics enhance the plastic decorating process. The rising demand for in-mold labeling is driving the implementation of robots/cobots to assist in label placement and quality control, while also reducing labor costs and freeing up employee resources. Learn more about the advantages of automation and robotics technology and the considerations for discussion prior to implementation.

Panelists: Ryan Workman, Muller; Jim Naatz, Sussex IM; Mike Sansoucy, Arburg

IML Turnkey Projects: A Detailed Approach

Plastic has numerous advantages in the production of packaging, and other methods described as “more sustainable” may not be, especially when the effect of replacing plastic with other materials is considered. In this presentation from Eugene Julia of IML Solutions, an in-mold labeling case study will be presented where the aluminum seal on a food container was replaced with an IML solution after extensive part modeling, mold flow analysis and prototype manufacturing.

Sustainability and Recylability of Decorated Plastics

Mike Licata (YUPO) and Harrison Chien (Weber Packaging) were part of a panel discussion at the 2021 IMDA Symposium that discussed trends in sustainability of decorated plastics, as well as current conversations with the Association of Plastics Recycling (APR) about recycling guidelines for labels.


Moderator: Jeff Peterson, Plastics Decorating
Panelists: Mike Licata, YUPO; Harrison Chien, Weber Packaging