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Symposium Presentations

The following videos and presentation slides were presented at the 2021 IMDA Symposium / SPE Decorating & Coatings Division TopCon in Minneapolis. All presentations and videos are property of the presenters, the IMDA and SPE’s Decorating and Coatings Division. Content may not be downloaded or shared without express written permission.

Video Presentations

IML Turnkey Projects: A Detailed Approach

Eugene Julia, IML Solutions

Vacuum Deposited Coatings for Anti-Microbial Applications

Dr. Dermont Monaghan, Gencoa Ltd.

Panel Discussion: Sustainability/Recylability
of Decorated Plastics

Moderator: Jeff Peterson, Plastics Decorating
Panelists: Mike Licata, YUPO; Harrison Chien, Weber Packaging

Panel Discussion: Automation & Robotics for IMD/IML
and Other Decorating Processes

Panelists: Ryan Workman, Muller; Jim Naatz, Sussex IM; Mike Sansoucy, Arburg

Slideshow Presentations

Navigating the Complexities for Successful Decorating of Medical Components

Chris DeMell, ITW IDS

New Tax Incentives & Legislative Changes for the Plastics Industry

Michael Devereux, Wipfli
Information current as of September 16, 2021

Design Considerations for Durable Products: IML / IMD / IME

Paul O'Hearn, Profile Plastics

Panel Discussion: Sustainability/Recylability
of Decorated Plastics

Slides from Panelist Harrison Chien, Weber Packaging

Functional Inks for IME Applications

Ken Arujo, NAMICS Corporation

Mattifying Surface Coatings with Excimer UV Curing

Jennifer Heathcote, GEW

Security Labeling: Anti-Counterfeiting Strategies for Products and Packaging

Ronald Ducharme, Covectra

The Significance of Color as a Functional Property of Critical Medical Devices

Len Czuba, Czuba Enterprise, Inc