Sustainability & Recyclability

Although sustainability can be defined in many ways, it usually includes minimal use of labor, energy and non-renewable resources during manufacturing and recycling.

In-mold labeling (IML) is more sustainable than other pre-decorating labeling methods because of what it does not have, including:

  • Post-mold flame treaters
  • Post-mold labeling machines
  • Additional investment or financing costs
  • Utilities, such as electricity and gas, to operate those machines
  • Additional wet or hot melt glue
  • Extra labor to operate the labeling machines
  • Extra floor space for the labeling machines
  • Release liner to recycle, incinerate, or bury in a landfill
  • Additional handling

We offer for your consideration the premise that in-mold labeling is the most sustainable method of package labeling. When compared to the other most popular labeling methods, IML always comes up a winner because of a number of factors explained in this article published in the March, 2011 issue of Paper, Film & Foil CONVERTER.