Ambience paints & Metallic IML: a reference for decorative packaging effects

Ambience paints & Metallic IML: a reference for decorative packaging effects


GLC’s Ambience range is beyond your ordinary paint. This collection of 12 decorative products gives walls a unique finish and has the potential of completely changing the narrative of a room. It was important that this sense of creative freedom was reflected in the paint’s packaging. That calls for in mold labeling!


“With Ambience, anyone can create an awe factor in any space,” says Mohamad Baitie, Business Development Director at the German Lebanese Co. for Industry (GLC), a leading manufacturer of paint products in Africa and the Middle East. “This decorative paint range was developed to go beyond when transforming interiors. Also, we wanted to make it possible for anyone to give their room a different dimension, that’s why we focused on ease of application as well.”


Transparent pails

The Ambience range comes in various colors and finishes. Since GLC wants to make it easier for both consumers and applicators to find the product and color they desire, for some of the paint packaging they chose transparent pails. The transparent parts make it easy to identify the color. This comes in very useful as certain Ambience shades come in standard colors and are not tintable in the showroom.


A reflection of creative freedom

“We were searching for a label that reflects the opulence of our product. IML allowed us full creative freedom and advanced labeling technology. We specifically requested Metallic IML for its inviting allure to touch and feel the packaging. The metallic touch allows the pack to stand out in any display. A bonus is that it makes it extra difficult to imitate the pack,” explains Mohamad.


The packs are so appealing that GLC’s retailers place them in prime positions within the showrooms. They became a trademark of what decorative effects packaging should look like. “Our choice of labels and packaging design stirred the curiosity of customers and applicators; we have seen a remarkable growth in some of the products after we launched the new packs in the market!” says Mohamad.


A partnership made for success

GLC chose to work with MCC Verstraete to develop the perfect IML label for this exclusive range.

“As with every project, our marketing team discussed the new designs with the MCC Verstraete team. We find their input valuable as they have the know-how and experience. The label production process took some time but went very smoothly – there wasn’t any technical difficulty that couldn’t be solved. Our success as paint company is due to our fruitful partnership with MCC Verstraete, the exceptional service and the professionalism of the team that handles our account,” concludes Mohamad.


“As a true pioneer, GLC has elevated the standards of premium design for paint packaging. They set the trend for a lot of others in the industry. Maintaining this high standard for every new product family or premium range is a challenge, to which we succeed together thanks to our shared vision of creativity, know-how and the will to deliver high-quality products. Metallic IML is the perfect fit for the Ambience range: they give this unique product an equally unique appearance,” Joe Kaddoum, Regional Sales Manager for the Middle-East and Africa, adds.


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