Organization: Taghleef Industries Inc.
Website: http://www.ti-films.com
Name: Jason Morgan, NA Sales Manager    
Main Address: 500 Creek View Road, Suite 301
Newark, DE 19711
Main Phone: (302)326-5540
Main Email: Jason.morgan@ti-films.com
Categories: Label Substrates

 Headquartered in Dubai, Ti currently has 9 production sites across the globe with a nominal capacity of 410,000 tons per annum. Ti develops, manufactures and markets BOPP (biaxially-oriented polypropylene), BOPLA (NATIVIA™ range) and CPP (cast polypropylene) films for snacks, confectionery, bakery/biscuits, fresh produce packaging as well as for labeling and adhesive tapes. The Ti group distinguished itself in the production of special films used for luxury packaging, books, magazine covers branded under the name DERPROSA. Ti offers a portfolio of high quality transparent, white voided, metalized and high barrier films EXTENDO™ to its customers in more than 100 countries.