Organization: Central Decal Company
Website: http://www.centraldecal.com
Name: Butch Kaplan, President    
Main Address: 6901 High Grove Blvd
Burr Ridge, IL 60527
Main Phone: (630) 371-0982
Main Email: bkaplan@centraldecal.com
Categories: Label Printer

Central Decal's in mold labels are found in applications where aesthetics, durabiltiy, repeatability and performance are critical to the success of the program.
With over 50 years of technical expertise in printing durable graphics, we understand how to effectively work in a team environment and align our resources with your supply chain to insure the success of your program. We provide engineered IML solutions to meet specific performance, technical and processing requirements, including unique solutions to address resin/insert adhesion, gate location, ink washout and decorating curved and textured surfaces. 
Central Decal