Organization: CBW Automation
Website: http://www.cbwautomation.com
Name: Robert Harvey, Vice President Sales and Marketing    
Main Address: 3939 Automation Way
Fort Collins, CO 80525
Main Phone: (970) 219-4466
Main Email: rharvey@cbwautomation.com
Categories: Robotics/Automation

Charter Member   

 CBW produces high speed, durable automation systems for the food packaging, medical disposable, case packing / unpacking, closure, and IML product markets.  Fully integrated systems from "mold to transport" are available. CBW has been producing systems for over forty years, with systems in the field continuing o run production into their third decade of use.  Roll to roll cut at the press IML systems are available, as well as traditional pre-cut label systems.  CBW is known for fast service response with traveling service technicians available when required.  Additionally on-line support is available for the life of the CBW system.